I specialize in woodworking, refinishing, and custom projects.  However, I have wide variety of additional skills.  I enjoy creativity and problem solving, and invite you to ask me about your project/repair, even if it’s not on this list.


Dont’t Forget: Estimates, Quotes, and Assessments are Always Free!

I am not a CA Contractor.  All of my work must be done under the Small Work Exemption, which limits projects to $500 or less.  See Legal Limitations On Work.  If any of these tasks will exceed the Small Work Exemption, I will decline it.

Residential Repairs and On-Site Services

Common household repairs, work and services performed at the customer’s residence or other job site.

  • Drywall repair or patch (including texture matching)
  • Interior painting
  • Minor plumbing repair (including faucets, sinks, toilets, sprinklers, leaks, and other plumbing accessible from inside the house)
  • Minor electrical repair (including switches, lights and fixtures, and NOT including running new wires)
  • Appliance repair or installation
  • Baseboards, Trim, and Crown Molding
  • Fences and Posts
  • Ask me about others!

Custom Projects, Restoration, Woodworking, and Design

Products made to order, manufactured in my shop, and installed if needed.

  • Fine Woodworking Products (Shelves, Boxes, Benches, Hand-Carved goods, and others).
  • Free-standing, non-structural Carpentry Products (Arbors, Picnic Tables, Benches, etc)
  • Design and Drafting of the above products (Shop Drawing quality)
  • Restoration or Refinishing of furniture and other wood products.
  • Tool Maintenance and Repair (hand or power).
  • Restoration of Antique Hand Tools.
  • Blade Sharpening and Repair (all blades – kitchen knives, axes, tools, etc. Including handles and hafting.)
  • Creative or Mixed-Media projects, such as custom lighting fixtures.
  • Have an idea for a product you just can’t get anywhere else? Run it by me!