Thanks for looking at my business!

I offer many different services, and thus require a very flexible pricing system.  There’s a lot of ground to cover, but I hope it’s still easy to understand.  Feel free to contact me with questions.


Quotes Vs Hourly

I price my services either Hourly or through Quotes.  Each has pros and cons, both for you (the Customer) and for me.  I prefer quotes because it allows me to focus on getting a project done right without feeling rushed.  Sometimes that’s not the best option though, so I do offer an hourly rate.

Hourly Rate and Minimum Fee

I have a minimum fee of $50, which includes the first hour.  My normal rate is $30/hr for additional hours after the first.  Hours are counted from the time work begins, and rounded upward to the nearest whole hour.  Materials, if needed, will be additional.


A quote is my commitment to complete the specified work at the specified price. Cost is based on my personal estimate of the hours of work involved in the project, plus materials, travel costs, and additional fees.  Hours required over or under this estimate do not raise or lower the price; once accepted by the Customer, a quote is a firm and final price.

An accepted quote can only be altered with the permission of the Customer. A quote must be altered before work continues if new issues are discovered that drastically change the scope of that work.  For example, dry rot discovered on a sink repair that prevents the original work from being finished will require a quote alteration to include the additional repairs.  In this case, the Customer has the option of accepting the altered quote, or discontinuing work and paying the Hourly Rate for work already completed.


If work I do is unsatisfactory, or breaks within 12 months, I will repair it again free of charge.  Refunds can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Materials Rate

You pay what I pay.  Original retail receipt available on request.  I may request an advance on projects with an unusually high materials cost.

Payment Methods


I take Credit, ATM, and cash. No Personal checks please.

Legal Limits

By California law, I am limited to charging a maximum $500 per project for home repairs.   This means I can’t do large projects such as remodels.

There is an exemption to this for made-to-order, non-structural products that I build in my shop and then install, such as shelving or a cabinet.

Additional Fees

-Hauling and Disposal: I don’t currently offer this service.  Sacramento County Disposal Fees
-Working with or around Blown Fiberglass Insulation: $25 daily
-Hazardous Materials or Situations: $50 minimum
-Work in an extreme environment, such as in an attic during hot weather, outdoors during a major storm, etc.: $50 daily
-Travel: Determined at my discretion if normal travel time to the job site is more than 1 hour or if the job site is outside the Greater Sacramento Area.