I have a Sacramento County Special Business License.

License Number: SPB12016-00644

Business Name (DBA): Handy Scottsman

Registered Business Owner: Scott Stefun

I will provide a copy or PDF of my license at any customer’s request.

In order to get this license, I was required to pass a DOJ background check and have have my fingerprints registered.  I am legally authorized to do business in California, based out of Sacramento County.

I do NOT have a California Contractors license.  That kind of license is expensive and not appropriate for the kind of small jobs I do.

The State of California does not offer a Handyman License.  Instead, the state requires handyman type workers to do work under the Minor Work Exemption.  This is defined in the California Business And Professions Code.  The specific law is B&P Code §7048

Legal Limitations on Work

To summarize the law linked above, I am limited to charging $500 on any single project that involves a permanent structure (presumably, your home).  Separating material costs, dividing costs over multiple days, and other efforts to work around this limit are explicitly illegal under the law.  I must decline any work that would require me to charge more then this.

Made-to-order projects that I make in my shop and then install are not restricted in this way.

There are also limits certain kinds of work that require professional certification, such as in the electrical and plumbing fields.  In summary of these limits, I am limited to small repairs and can’t alter existing infrastructure, for example by running  new wires or moving old ones.

If I believe any job will exceed the limits of my license, I will decline it.